• The estimation of construction new work in current costs kept on ascending in 2017 in Great Britain, achieving highest level on record at £109,387 million; driven by development in the private sector, which compares to roughly three quarters of new work.
  • The increase in the estimation of construction new requests seen since 2011 has proceeded, to some degree because of the granting of a few high-esteem orders identifying with High Speed 2 (HS2), which drove the 7.4% expansion in new requests in 2017.
  • The number of firms working in the construction business has kept on rising, expanding by 6.2% contrasted and the earlier year, with 314,590 firms working in Great Britain in 2017.
  • As the number of construction firms has risen, so has the quantity of bankruptcies; the quantity of new organization development bankruptcies became 3.4% contrasted and 2016, likening to 2,792 wiped out construction firms.
    Construction related work in UK expanded by 3.8% in 2017, surpassing its pre-downturn pinnacle of 2007 to achieve the largest amount on record, with jobs based on London, the South East and the North West of England.
  • Normal week by week income in the construction business recouped from a fall in 2016, expanding to £607 every week in December 2017, second only to the finance and business service sector.
  • The UK trade deficit in construction materials and segments kept on broadening in 2017, expanding to £9,909 million, with the estimation of imports more than twofold the estimation of fares.